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Curry Powders In Pouches
Curry Powder - Jaffna
Curry Powder - Madras
Curry Powder - Masala
Curry Powder - Garam Masala
Curry Powder - Poriyal
Curry Powder Roasted - Premium Dark
Curry Powder Roasted - Premium (Light)
Curry Powder Unroasted Premium

Spice Powdres In Pouches
Cardamon Powder
Chillie Powder Unroasted
Chillie Powder Roasted
Cinnamon Powder
Clove Powdre
Corriander Powder
Cummin Powder
Fennel Powder
Maldive Fish Chips
Maldive Fish Powder
Nutmeg Powder
Pepper Black - Powder
Pepper White Powder
Spice Powder (Premium Quality)
Turmeric Powder

Crusted Product In Pouches
Crushed Chilie
Pepper Black - Crushed

Spice Mixes For Curry - In Pouches
Beef / Mutton Curry Powder - Hot
Beef / Mutton Curry Powder - Mild
Beef / Mutton Chicken Korma - Hot
Beef / Mutton Chicken Korma - Mild
Chicken Curry Powder- Hot
Chicken Curry Powder - Mild
Fish Curry Powder - Hot
Fish Curry Powder - Mild
Fish / Beef / Muttion Thiyal - Hot
Fish / Beef / Muttion Thiyal - Mild
Prawn / Crab Curry Powder
Vegitable Curry Mix
Mulligatawny Mix
Biriyani Masala Mix
Rasam Mix
Sambar Mix
Seeni Sambol Mix
Katta Sambol Mix

Whole Spices, Grains And Pulses
Cardamon Whole
Chillie Butter Milk
Chillies Whole
Cinamon Whole
Cloves Whole
Corriander Seed
Cummin Seed
Fennel Seed
Fenugreek Seed
Mustard Seed
Nutmeg With Shell
Pepper Cron White
Pepper Cron Black
Sera (Lemon Grass)
Rampe (Pandan Leaves)
Curry Leaves

Product In Pouchers
Rice Flour Roasted Red
Rice Flour Roasted White
String Hopper Flour Red
String Hopper Flour White

Product In Containers
Sprats Badun
Maldive Fish Chips
Unroasted Curry Powder
Turmeric Powder
Roasted Curry Powder

Pastes - In Jars
Fish Ambulthiyal Paste
Mulligatawny Paste
Biriyani Paste
Meat Curry Paste
See Food Curry Paste
Garlic Paste
Instant Rasam Paste
Tamarind Pulp
Goraka Paste

Chutneys And Pickles In Jars
Amberella Chutney
Date Chutney
Mango Chutney
Pinapple Chutney
Garlic Pickle
Jaffna Style Lime Pickle
Lime Pickle
Malay Pickle
Sinhala Pickle

Ready To Eat Products In Jars
Ambarella Curry
Devilled Dryfish
Dry Fish Badun
Fried Brinjals Sprats In Tamarind Sauce
Fried Dry Fish (Keeramin)
Katta Sambol ( Ready To Eat)
Kehelmuwa Seeni Sambol (Plantain Flowe)
Malay Pickle Sauce
Maldive Fish Sambol
Mango Curry
Mustard Cream
Polos Curry (Tender Jak)
Seeni Sambol (Ready To Eat)
Sprats Badun
Vegetarian Seeni Sambol
Chinese Chillie Paste
Cashew Badun
Kithul Treacle



















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