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Geo Tex For Soil Erosion Control
Coir Twin Natural Colour
  Cocopeat is the ideal alternative to peat moss. It is the totally renewable product, environmentally friendly, 100% natural, and most of all extremely economical.
It’s unique sponge like structure gives high water retention, but unlike peat moss needs to wetting agent.
Cocopeat is high in lignin & low in cellulose (the opposite of peat moss) and is not easily mineralized from the soil, giving positive, long lasting characteristics to the soil.
Cocopeat has the ability to retain nutrients and oxygen (airfill porosity) and the fibrous texture of cocopeat will also help to ameliorate the soil, ensuring up to 75% more root development than any product on the market today.
Cocopeat is available in several forms to suit all needs.

Cocopeat is a multi-purpose growing medium that provides new opportunities for:
- golf green construction
- soil and potting mixes
- seed raising
- hydroponics
- burning for energy production
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